Opening Night // Death Collection by Tesse Terrell


Northern NSW Artist Tesse Terrell debuted her first solo exhibition ‘Death Collection’ and guess what?.. It was also Halloween!!

Inspired by her lifelong passion for Mexican culture and arts, Terrell draws inspiration from the Mexican Dia de Muertos, commonly known as Day of the Dead, and presented a curated line-up of artists that passed away during 2016 and 2017.

A passionate painter, Terrell’s first solo exhibition expanded on her signature style, a combination of painted timber and mixed media, finished in a 3D setting. Each artist is completed in infinite detail and depth, credit to Terrell’s fine style and attention to detail.

Leonard Cohen, Prince and David Bowie are part of the 20-piece collection that celebrates these iconic artists. Terrell’s portrayal of each artist is authentic, light-hearted and voices true respect to the talent they were and clearly represents the impression they’ve made on her as an artist. 

Tesse Terrell’s Death Collection exhibition ran from 21 st October to November 4th with an almost sell out show!  Congratulations Tesse.