Art Exhibition, Art Space

Paul Parker II Sharks Patrol These Waters

An art exhibition by local Tugun artist - Paul Parker - is happening right now in our Art Space. Pop by and see Paul's amazing work through until Saturday May 21st.

Artist Statement:

I consider myself a watcher, a viewer... my work is the transportation for my escape... my work is a process of filtration... sifting memories, the other,  lyrics, terrain and contemporary issues... all unbound and passed through my eyes, ears and internal dialogue... in mediums that are chosen in part through automation and in part through exploration of based research… a belief in nothing really is rational, but it makes sense to the author... as a keen purveyor of the heritage of mark making, my work evolves and revolves around practise based compulsion is to form...regardless and oblivious to the contemporary fashion of conformity...  consumption can only be for the interpretation of the viewer... with a distaste for current popular repetition.... i can only forge on... joyous for given the delight to escape this mind and this time, through expression... hoist that rag...

Exploring mixed media and considering contextual ideas, ideally a discourse between the work and the viewer is applicable.